How Does it Work

To avail The Resource Centre (TRC) services, please share your media monitoring requirements with us stating the breadth of services your organization wishes to subscribe to, choosing from the variety of services that TRC has on offer on this website. We will process a price quotation for you, depending on the services you require. You can begin to avail exceptional media monitoring, analysis and measurement services immediately after this short transaction.

Keeping your brief at hand, TRC’s media monitoring experts will :

  • Track your news consistently and regularly in print, online, electronic and social channels
  • Scan stories from print publications and stamp them with date, time, publication, and page
  • Share HTML reports with you with links or scans of the stories that you can download to share with your management. Stories from different media channels are compiled together and sent directly to your digital mailbox at the particular time desired by you.

TRC also tracks news programs and provides them in an engaging format to you with direct links so that you can access the entire aired program, anywhere, anytime from your mailbox.

TRC also tracks social and online media, in a similar manner and ensures that your data regarding news reaches you timely and in a well-defined format. Thus, TRC does 360 degree media tracking, media monitoring and media measurement across platforms for your benefit.

TRC also delivers news reportage through its well-developed state-of-the-art online delivery system. Some of the features of the online platform are :

  • Delivery of HTML Mailers
    The HTML mailers provide an indexed overview of the day’s coverage received under various categories, with links to the clips. Each clip can be viewed in an image and PDF format, which is easy to use and save. Further, the coverage can be placed under categories decided by you. Each mailer can be mailed to a group of email IDs specified and the frequency of the automated mailers can be defined as per your requirement.

  • Access to Online Archives
    You will have access to a microsite through a unique username and password which will facilitate easy and real-time access to the coverage that has appeared across the country. TRC will maintain digital archives from the date of the start of media monitoring services.

  • Search Facility on Various Parameters
    Online archives will provide the option of carrying out searches based on parameters including publication name, edition date, page and any word or phrase within the article. The platform also facilitates saving the searches, bookmarking them for quick reference and exporting/forwarding the select clips.

TRC’s analytics and measurement include digital and media coverage analysis with qualitative and quantitative parameters such as share of voice, tone of voice, PR Value, etc, all available to you online.

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