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Estimate the impact of news on your business and reputation in the complex Indian media environment or on the Internet, by working with The Resource Centre (TRC). We are one of the largest media monitoring setups in the country and leading brands trust us as their daily source of “news about news”. TRC is a frontrunner in adopting newer and innovative approaches to add more value to our services and provides clients with powerful ways to quickly discover both emerging opportunities and threats while you can still influence the outcome of your news stories.

SMS Alerts

An SMS alert of a negative story can guard you against crisis situations where you are caught unawares. TRC’s SMS alert service is especially extended to seasoned communication professionals who wish to stay abreast on pertinent stories published in the media. The service offers instant alerts that keep you in the loop of the news.

Coverage e-dossier

When it’s that time of the month when you assess the coverage you have received, the pile of media clips can almost swoon you down. To make the coverage life simpler for you, TRC renders the E-Dossier advantage to its clients, which makes media monitoring effortless. An e-dossier offers:

  • The ease and convenience of going through news coverage spanning a week, fortnight, month or a quarter with just a click of the button
  • Simple indexed lists to searchable clips along with the option of downloading select coverage

Electronic Archive

Historical media coverage is an important management tool that is used to forecast trends and make critical company-wide decisions. However, storing physical clips and even digital copies of the coverage, utilizes server space extensively. TRC, therefore, provides you with an Electronic Archival System that stores your media coverage for future use.
The Electronic Archival System offered by The Resource Centre (TRC)

  • Saves a copy of the media coverage, segregated and indexed, on its servers
  • Provides a search facility to find information based on keywords and other relevant parameters
  • Secures your information received from media intelligence gathered over a period of time with a password-driven system

The archival facility begins from the time TRC starts tracking your coverage.

  • Secured dedicated access
  • Easy searches based on parameters
  • Convenience of forwarding the select coverage or clips to colleagues
  • Bookmarking for future reference
  • Indexed and categorized for reference and comparisons

Daily Summary Reports

Clicking away through digital clips to understand the basics of the media coverage can be tedious. The Daily Summary Reports prepared by The Resource Centre (TRC) present news coverage in HTML formats which are indexed with all the basic information you need for the day’s coverage, from headline to the position of the story in the publication.

  • These reports can also present a summary of each story, as defined by you.
  • Indexed and automatized reports are sent to the client’s digital mailbox at the frequency and time of the client’s choice.
  • Functions like selecting, downloading, bookmarking and accessing these news clips based on needs of the clients are also provided.
  • These features make this product a ready-reckoner for any corporate communication professional.
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