Media Monitoring

A combination of technological transformations and media intelligence has powered The Resource Centre (TRC) with the ability to keep tabs on news accurately and seamlessly. TRC provides timely and valuable media monitoring facilities to its clients that are customizable and compliant with their dynamic requirements. It supports clients in fulfilling their business objectives through competent human intelligence that identifies news that matters to them from the deluge of information present in the media. TRC’s media monitoring experts are focused on matching the frequency of published news about the client’s brand through exceptional skills that tackle progressive corporate environments.
TRC reins in news from several hundred news sources, keeping its clients a step ahead of their competition in their target markets. Clients can predict actual opportunities and capture them through constant monitoring and analysis of the media coverage of their competitors in the industry. It assists clients in taking advantage of industry moving news while facilitating them with quick response capabilities.

TRC’s media monitoring services provide you

  • Crisis news alerts through email/SMS
  • Regional news monitoring
  • Instant access to relevant data
  • Real-time analytics and reports
  • Customized dashboards and archives
  • Quantifying brand value in markets

  • Get the news you want, the way you want
  • Comprehensive monitoring for your brand, competition and industry
  • Remain ahead even in times of crisis
  • Keep your teams in loop on stories of interest
  • Instant and seamless access to the data, reports and archives
  • Quantify where your brand story stands in the market
  • Real-time analysis on areas of improvement to tweak your strategy for success

Through efficient media targeting and monitoring such as online monitoring, print monitoring, television monitoring and social media monitoring across channels, clients can identify from diverse audiences, those most influential to their companies, and engage with them effectively.

Print Media Monitoring

The Resource Centre (TRC) is one of the largest print media monitoring setups in India, tracking several industries across the board every day. It brings on board a fine mix of digitized technology and human intelligence to ensure that you always get the best of both.


  • Over 600 print publications tracked, in more than 17 cities regularly, with a capacity for expansion to 55 cities
  • Go beyond Tier I and Tier II cities, ensuring a wider reach
  • Track newspapers, magazines and other periodicals to publications in English, Hindi and vernacular media
  • A high percentage of clip delivery accuracy to get relevant clips with least misses and errors
  • Customized delivery solution including a wide range of online delivery formats, frequency matching your requirements, and
  • An indexed and searchable databank for all your media coverage

We understand that choosing your media monitoring agency is a crucial decision, for your media strategy will rely on the quality of service offered. In order to understand our services better, you can ask for a 3-day free trial period for 6 keywords. This allows you to get a feel of our product and services before choosing long-term commitment.

Television Monitoring
Visual media yields high impact on public opinion. The Resource Centre (TRC) tenders broadcast media monitoring services for all national and regional television news channels with extensive coverage through keyword tracking. Post the airing of news programs, TRC provides continuous tracking as required by you.
TRC submits

  • Instant notifications for critical news programs through email and mobile messages
  • Translated or transcribed versions of news programs, if so required, within permissible time limits
  • Analyzed, indexed and archived reports for your future reference. These news programs can be viewed entirely through direct links placed within the indexed format, anywhere, anytime through your digital mailbox.

Television monitoring is done using state-of-the-art equipment that allows for recording, retrieving, transcribing, translating, and delivering reports through immediate uploads via FTP or a customized webpage. TRC can create a customized webpage for you with your company name and logo and uploaded to the TRC server.
Program clips are uploaded on a daily basis for immediate viewing or download. The report grid can be customized as you require – by day, channel, program, personalities, topic, spokespersons, and date of telecast and duration. You can also define the format of news clips.
Through greater understanding of the impact of your communication strategies in the public sphere, you can gain better control of your communication outcomes. TRC’s detailed analytics scan multiple layers of news to help create powerful insights for you.

Social Media Monitoring
Today, social media is a key communication tool. Social networking websites help news reach its target markets swiftly, in turn building brand value for companies. Tracking and monitoring social media has become crucial today to gain an increased understanding of the sentiments of the target audiences for your companies and products. Through social media, you can receive market access through competitive intelligence and establish a connection with your audiences. It also enables you to generate leads and watch out for crisis situations well in time so that there is a scope for resolution.
The Resource Centre (TRC) engages with its clients by providing them with specialized social media monitoring solutions that relate to:

  • Identifying interactions with target markets, in terms of tweets, blog posts, discussions and other vital information that affect your brand story
  • Tracking experts who focus essentially on blogs, discussion forums, Facebook comments, Twitter tweets and other social platforms such as Youtube, LinkedIn and Pinterest

The TRC team is vigilant and scans discussion forums with defined keywords by tracking all posts, responses, re-tweets and Facebook response comments, and assesses criticisms from influential audiences. TRC determines the effectiveness of your social networking efforts through real-time metrics that gauge your success.

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