Why Media Monitoring

Today in the communications industry, media monitoring plays a highly important role. Corporate history has been witness to countless brand failures, with leaders of corporate organizations miscalculating the power of the media. In today’s digital age, messages travel at the speed of light and need to be measured consistently in order to gauge their impact. Due to the explosion of information and its ready availability on the Internet, it is a challenge for communication professionals to streamline news that affects their brands and their company’s reputation. Also with the rapid expansion of traditional media onto online platforms and the development of innumerable websites, blogs and news sites, discerning critical news from excessive data clutter becomes crucial.

News coverage monitoring and analysis can change the entire brand value story for companies. This is where The Resource Centre (TRC) comes in, to bridge the gap for you by making sense of news that affects you and your organization, and distilling news to provide you with usable data.

TRC has emerged as one of the most reputable brands in the business and with two decades of experience behind its back, it is well placed in:

  • Handling your media monitoring, media analysis and media measurement requirements, and
  • Providing the right blend of media intelligence and media analytics that will enhance your breadth of services.

From print to television, and now to digital, the dynamics of communication change as the medium evolves. Bring value to your organization by incorporating TRC’s credible media analysis, media monitoring and media measurement services.

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